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The Four Levels of Classic Car Restoration

Driving a beautiful classic car is a dream for so many classic car enthusiasts! But, the classics are classic for a reason – they just don’t make cars like that anymore! It’s easier to find one that needs a bit of work. Restoring a classic car doesn’t have to be a challenge, you just have to know where to start. The condition of a classic car is rated on a 100-point system, where 100 is absolutely perfect restoration and 20 or below is un-restorable. There are four basic conditions to which you can restore your car, each suited to different purposes and budgets.

Restored to Driving Condition

If your classic car’s main function is to get you from point A to point B, it needs to run! If it doesn’t, that’s where you’ll start. Don’t forget to have a professional check it out for safety. To restore a classic car to driving condition, it might require some cosmetic adjustments and replacement parts but you’re the only one you need to impress.

Restored to Street Show Condition

At this level, your car should look good, drive well, and be ready to impress a professional. You’ll want higher quality parts, professional repairs, and attention to details – at least on the outside. The 100-point system used to rate classic car condition, a street show condition classic car should fall between 80-89.

Restored to Show Car Condition

At a car show, you’re going to have to impress professionals beyond looks and performance – you need to have professional work and attention to detail over every aspect of the car. On the point system, a show car condition vehicle would fall between 90-95 when ranked by a professional.

Restored to Concours Condition

As the highest level of restoration for a classic car, concours condition is usually only for auto shows, private collectors, and cars that are never driven. You’ll need a professional with professional tools to get to this level. Professionally, they’d be rated over 95.