Don’t Be Fooled, Collector Cars Can Be Great Investments –

Many people will say collector cars aren’t good investments due to the volatility of the market. They are wrong.Sourced through from: news.boldride.comKey word here is ‘investment” !

Muscle Car City keeping the American dream alive | Car and Truck Parts Unlimited

Muscle Car City keeping the American dream alive #cars through from: carandtruckpartsunlimited.comLove this!

Hail Storm Keeps Boston’s Auto Body Shops Busy – CBS Local

The falling ice left cars with broken glass and dented roofs, hoods and fenders.Sourced through from: boston.cbslocal.comCall us here at Factory Collision if you’ve had hail damage

Hailstorm shattered Suffolk County records, windshields – Boston Globe

The two-inch hail was the largest ever recorded in Suffolk County, according to the National Weather Service. Tuesday’s freak thunderstorm downed trees, knocked out power, and filled the sky with lightening strikes.Sourced through from:...