Your vehicle’s frame is like its backbone – it provides support and holds all of the pieces of the vehicle in place. It’s designed to help your auto drive straight, and to protect any passengers from impact in a collision. The frame has sections called crumple zones. During an accident, these parts of the car do just that – crumple.
This helps to slow the vehicle and absorb the force of impact so that the passengers are protected. But, it means that parts of the frame are designed to be damaged during a crash.

Unfortunately, because it’s so large and plays such a big role in the functioning of your vehicle, it is prone to damage in an accident, and should be inspected in the case of a crash.

Is the Frame Damaged?

Just because frames are designed to be damaged in some accidents doesn’t mean that they are damaged in every accident. So, how can you tell if your frame has been damaged?

Frame Measuring is a process that does just what it sounds like – it measures the frame of your vehicle to determine whether it’s the shape it should be.

How is a Frame Repaired?

If it’s possible repair a frame, and it’s not always possible, there are several ways that a repair shop can go about it.

Straighten it out – Sometimes, with the right equipment, it’s possible to pull a frame back into its original position. Straightening frames requires a lot of strength, so only shops with the right machinery can perform these repairs. In order to get your frame back to the shape and positioning it was originally designed with, the use of laser measuring systems or ultrasound equipment may be required, so it’s a big job.

Welding it back together – When straightening a frame back to its original position isn’t an option, a frame may still be repairable with welding. This requires the repair technician to cut away the damaged portion of frame, and weld in a new part that fits the original manufacturer measurements. To ensure that the frame is as strong as it should be, especially at the points where it was welded together, it’s important to have a skilled welder and to re-measure the frame.

What if it Can’t be Repaired?

In some cases, frames cannot be repaired. If your car is totaled, it’s because it’s either too expensive to repair, or because even with a repair, it wouldn’t meet the standards it would need to.